La Valse des Fleurs – 2A

Public Art



La valse des Fleurs offers bright and inspiring windows that respect privacy. The composition is imbued with resilience that carries a wind of hope. The works unfold in successive waves and undulating movements that trace a pathway embroidered with comfort, generosity and renewal.

Kintsugi is the art of mending a broken object by highlighting its breaks rather than concealing them. The pottery is thus repaired with the most aesthetic gold seams or joints. This traditional and philosophical practice acknowledges the past and history; it pays great attention to the doing in a wish for gratitude and renewal. The kintsugi symbolizes the resilience from which the beauty of simple, imperfect and atypical things is born. Making the break sublime and magnificent becomes a metaphor for overcoming the disease.

La valse des Fleurs’ screen works bear the traces of seams made of gold that bring the various elements together. These ‘traces that repair’ are part of the very structure of the modules covered in baked-on gold paint.

In the golden trails created, we can also see on a topographic scale the ramifications of rivers, the roots or branches of a tree, and those of the blood system or skin on a human scale. The metal tubes ensure the aluminum and glass panels’ assembly and strength. Vertical or inclined, curved or intertwined, the tubes serve as physical supports for the structure and a symbol of assistance. In the difficulties that confront us, moral support significantly affects the quality of life. The screen works flow like sails driven by the wind, elements propelling hope and life.


  • Curved, expanded and cut aluminum, baked-on paint and coloured tempered laminated glass